first haiku

In a foreign tongue
The master’s work I peruse
Is it quite the same?

Privacy towel
Used carefully at onsen
I still feel naked.

Ever observing
Sits an old man with one eye
Just two inches tall

Flesh water and wood
Voices aloft in the steam
At Takinoyu.

Sometimes a statue
Serves no other purpose than
A meeting place.

Far from leaves of home
Crisp air still tastes like cider
And smoke still rises.

Glare on the water
And sunlight on autumn leafs
Prevent fish spotting.

Crowds along river
Disrupt my viewing pleasure
Just as I do theirs.

Below the footbridge
Water and rocks do silence
All the steps above.

Kamuro stands tall
Dusted white above gold hills
Five long months ahead / Bidding Fall farewell

Sudden as a leaf
Dropping to its death below
Fall yields to winter.

Along the rigdeline
Steam slips from the fissure to
Join an autumn cloud.


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